Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I am back!

Am posting at blogspot after ages, feels good to be back.

I must say busy schedule kept me away from my blogging but since you will not buy this, let me tell you why. In these 2 years away from here, l saw a lot of truths about life and I found that I have grown older and learned to handle a lot of problem on my own. Also seeing too many problems confuses us; you don’t know where to start from.

Now, I have sometime on my own; it’s been more that 2 weeks I injured my ankle. I was on a posterior slab which was removed a couple of days ago. My foot still hurts but in these 2 years I have also improved a little in my meditation technique, I don’t feel that much pain as it is. If you meditate you know what I am talking about.

My current status is that I now stand at the crossroads of life; I have to decide which direction to take. I am having a hard time deciding about work, further studies when and where and important matters of life. At time like this I really wish how I had someone real who really understands my problem and helps me to decide. Maybe I am too idealistic when it comes to love and friendship, and maybe it is a reason I still feel like I am all alone despite the company of friends.

After a long time of rest I have finally decided to do my laundry little by little. I found I changed 4 bed sheets in 2 weeks. I have to simplify my life starting from the laundry basket itself.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

memory lane

I was cleaning my old stuffs, found few of the old paintings, sketches and pastel works ,some completed...some incomplete.

As about the painting of Nepal a senior artist once said it is never right to use completely black or white in painting.We should mix and create the color spectrum we wanted.The perspective of the lifeless tree was also too big with the context.

The lady in the short hairs was supposed to be my Japanese friend whom I tried to paint on her request but failed.The tika is real.

I miss my love for the painting.

I have been asking myself a lot of questions lately....

After a long time December has been like a R&R time for me.Soon will come a day I have to leave this place.Time does seem to fly.

The social life specially the family life is what am missing at the moment.Its a good time to know yourself well, your strengths and weaknesses.When we were young, every time we made mistakes mom would always want us to do our sort analysis.It was like a compulsory punishment.Other than that my mother would have choices while giving us punishments.It felt like selecting an answer for a MCQ's.The point is I think if she was to make us have sort analysis again, It will be spontaneous and easy,I had enough time to know myself well.

Its an enlightening day and I want to share it with my blog.

Lots of us spend years of time for studies outside our country, the journey is definitely not easy.The transformation to the new environment is completely a stressful event.Some adapt easily and some do take time.We miss family, love,care , food, friends, hills, skies and uncountable other things from our home country.We continue to walk, the rhythm however of every individual differs and even when we do reach our destination the result we all get differs.If you have never asked ask yourself this question...maybe its the time...How much have you changed for good?

The time that passes doesn't come back.It will neither stop even when we do.Making everyday, even every hour matters.

What are my plans?How did I do today? Where did I waste my time on? Was wasting all this effort and time really worthy?How can I make it more worthy?

Ultimately by the time you reach home, after a gap of so many years friends and family do want to see a better you.New environment and exposure have changed us for sure.Have all this changes been for good? Have we given our friends and family who care so much about us the enough time they deserve? Have the people we spend our time and efforts really worth it?

Its a time to organize and manage ourself for good.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dongji-winter solstice-Happy Winter:D

As a medical student, I have long forgotten fearing the ghosts and evil spirits.The last time I got seriously felt haunted was when I was in my second year's second semester.One day during the cadaver dissection, my curiosity made me open the covered face of the cadaver.I cannot tell you nights after that.Nightmares made me wake up at the night, my stair-phobia came back, sometimes I just couldn't go to sleep, my heart pounded adding up the pressures of studies I had then.Time is the healer, I don't remember when I started to felt better.
December 21st is also called winter solstice.Scientifically its all about position of sun and the angular distance,making it longer nights and shorter days however all cultures have its own interpretations.Its celebrated as Dongji in China,Korea and some oriental countries.Its believed that on this cold night the ghosts and evils come out, that why in the past people believed to return home earlier, ate foods that could scare the spirits away and burnt things.
When science collides with myths, there is a chaos existing in my mind.However its interesting to know cultures.Also its a feeling that there are far too less knowledge and information I know before criticizing about it.After all the Hindu dashain we celebrate has also celebrated as victory of goodness over the evils.At the end of the day, goodness and positivity is what every religion wants to cultivate in us.Some ignorant Human's just misinterpret it.Nearly 2500 years ago "Dhamma=Dharma" meant "law of nature",like it was law or Dharma of mango tree to give mangoes not oranges......now we cannot interpret it without adding Hindu, buddha, sikh, jews etc...

As for now for all my blog readers, I wish you a happy winter.I also hope on this winter solstice scares all evils away from our mind.Hope we find the positive energy that can bring ultimate peace in us.

Wear enough warm clothes, eat well, take enough rest,exercise....specially boost up your immunity to fight this modern evils obesity and pollutants.
~aza aza~

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

welcome Luna...

(Imagine me singing just like "Beijing Huanying ni" ;))

Welcome and happy stay here.

PS:So who is Didi this time?"At China, at Nepal rule"cannot be applied here ;)



Show me the way

At the end of the day what remains with you is your knowledge you have gained through studies and experiences.
I just wish I have some replacement for the emptiness I feel deep inside.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Akira Kurosawa's Dreams

Biological purpose of the dream have not been confirmed yet.Some hypothesis says its a grand rehearsal of the events that happen in life, so that when the event really occurs we are less shocked.New theories say it doesn't have any purposes.However some time or the other we do try to interprete it.We dream mostly during REM sleep , atleast most memorable of the dreams are during our REM sleepi.e. Rapid Eye movement sleep that includes 20-25% of our sleep, other includes the NREM(Non Rapid eye movement sleep).Most of forget maximum of our dreams by the time we wake up.
Akira Kurosawa's masterpiece movie Dreams is based on his actual dreams.All of us can dream and only few of us can explain to people what we really dreamed about.This is one of my favorites from one of the eight dreams that Akira Kurosawa have depicted so well in the movie.
Watching this reminds me of my fear I had in my childhood due to the recurring dreams.